Ride Revolt Sand 2019

Ride Revolt Sand 2019

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Revolt Sand 2019

Our Mission when building the Revolt was to create a binding that was a Cinch to use. The
Genesis of our Formula was simple: Aluminum is stronger than plastic and gimmicks. The
driving Force behind the success of the Revolt has been our continued dedication to producing
the highest quality binding at this price point. You can look around at these other brands
binding models, but any other binding mentioned is probably not going to give you the freestyle
feel of our urethane SlimeBack highbacks combined with the durability of an aluminum chassis.

  • Flex 5/10
  • NEW! Linkage Ratchet
  • Thin Grip Plus Toe Strap
  • EVA Pad
  • Chassis: EDGE Chassis
  • Footbed: Wedgie 2.5
  • Basepad: EVA Pad
  • Highback: SlimeBack
  • Ankle Strap: Stitched Strap
  • Ankle Ratchet: NEW! Linkage Ratchet
  • Toe Strap: ThinGrip Plus
  • Discs: Micro Disc
219,00 €

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